Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Filling It Up

Hello, Everyone. Now since I've had a shell of a blog for about two months, I am attempting to make my first post. It is a long time coming: my friends, everytime I see them, although rarely, tell me to get off my ass, to just write something down. But, I am too worried about pictures, links, making my blog seem like everyone else's blog, or just as good. In a way I am too caught up with the exterior--the way something looks--instead of the content that's inside. In no way can I tell you that what's inside my blog, or inside the rants and raves inside my head is going to be interesting. If not, at least, in time, I will figure out how to make a link or post a picture.
It's Been A Long Long Time

Since I've ridden a roller coaster;
Since I've fallen from a tree;
Since I've played with anything remote control,
and yet, my roommate has bought a helicopter
and flies it through the house
a few feet from the ground.
Right now he's practicing
landings on the kitchen table.
And in a week, he said, watch out--
he'll be ready, the back yard.